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Guide to Buying Directors Chairs

Click here to read our guide on How to Find the Right Director Chair Cover or watch our video on How to Measure and Install a Replacement Cover?

5 Steps to Buying a Directors Chair

When choosing a Directors chair, there are many options to consider. Everywherechair has created this convenient guide to help determine the perfect Directors Chair for you.

1.) What am I going to use my Directors Chair for?

Directors chairs are great for people on the go or for extra seating at your next holiday party. They are a classy and comfortable alternative to standard folding chairs. A wooden directors chair is easy to fold and very portable. The unique look of a directors chair is unmistakable at any event, usually reserved for the movie producer in Hollywood. These actors chairs are available in a variety of styles and in different heights, colors and materials. Everywherechair can personalize your Directors Chair with a custom canvas design to suit your personality too.

2.) Which fabric or canvas material is right for me?

Our High Quality Directors Chairs are built to last with sturdy frames made from aluminum or wood. Aluminum Directors Chairs generally come in silver frames that can include a rust-resistant powder coating and stainless steel hardware.

Wooden directors chairs are a particularly great addition to your patio, deck, by the pool or at the beach. Our folding wooden directors chairs are made from American hardwoods such as Beech and Ash resulting in a light wood finish up to a dark mahogany look. Our Black Directors Chair is a favorite seller.

3.) How easy is it to set up my chair?

If you only use your directors chair occasionally, storing them in a dry area without the back canvas is best. Hanging from a ceiling hook in the garage or spare room will keep them from being scuffed or getting dirty. The Canvas Back is best stored flat in a clean dry drawer. If you're using the chair on a regular basis, Everywherechair has all the Directors Chairs Part and Accessories you’ll need. There are many different options available such as Padded Travel Bags and Nylon Foot Glides.

4.) Care and Cleaning of Directors Chairs

Cleaning and maintenance is easy for your new directors chair. Your directors chair sling set is most likely made with one of two materials that make cleaning and maintenance a breeze: cotton or a heavy-weave mesh. They are colorfast and all are generally easy to care for and will last a long time if you follow a few simple guidelines for director chair cleaning and maintenance.

The replacement sling fabric can be treated with Scotchgard and easily cleaned by wiping spills with a damp cloth and letting the canvas air dry. If your slings need more than a gentle cleaning you can use a washing machine but you should always apply another coat of Scotchgard when the fabric is dry. Always air dry your cotton slings! Placing them in a heated dryer could shrink them into unusable sizes.

Heavy weave mesh replacement slings can be easily removed from your chair and washed with mild soap and then air dried.

For casual cleaning & maintenance of your directors chair; wiping the legs and arms with a damp cloth is sufficient. You can also use commercially available furniture polish for stubborn scuff marks. Never use abrasives to clean your chair as you’ll damage the wood or metal finish.

5.) What size Directors Chair do I need; an 18", 24" or 30" chair?

Directors chairs are available in wide variety of heights to suit all your needs. Everywherechair also has large and wide directors chairs, as well as heavy duty directors chairs.

Table height directors chairs have a seat height of 18 inches. These table height chairs are shorter directors chairs and make for a perfect extra chair at the dining table or sitting around the deck. These chairs are the right height for everyone and the perfect outdoor directors chair.

Counter Height Directors Chairs have a seat height of 24 inches and are designed to be used at a kitchen countertop.

Bar Height Directors Chairs are what people would usually think of as a "Directors Chair" with a 30 inch seat height these are Tall Directors Chairs. Typically a 30 inch directors chair has a step for ease of sitting and standing, placing you at eye level of people around you.

Everywherechair is proud to stock Made in the U.S.A.* Directors Chairs

Our Wooden Directors Chairs are all made in the USA. We source our directors chair from two domestic companies which have been in business for quite a long time. These companies are family owned and operated and invested in the commitment to create jobs and products here in the US.

Gold Medal Chairs (dba TLT, Inc.) is based in Sparta, TN. The director chair designs that they produce, "The Original Director's Chair”, have been around since 1892. They were honored at the World's Fair Columbian Exposition in Chicago for Excellence in Casual Furniture Design. Though their designs are often imitated, the quality is unmatched.

Telescope Casual is the other company that we represent. Telescope Casual has been producing quality, outdoor patio furniture for over a century; since 1903. They are leaders in the outdoor furniture category, and the quality of their products is legendary. Based in Granville, NY, Telescope has a large manufacturing facility employing hundreds of people.

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