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Everywhere Chair Videos

Welcome to the Everywhere Chair Informational Video page. 
The videos below will help you with everything from finding the correct size cover set for your director's chair ... to being able to easily assemble the Wooden Folding Rocking Chairs. All videos come directly from our YouTube page and will appear small at first. To view them in full screen, simply click the icon in the bottom right corner of the video as it is playing.

How To Measure A Director's Chair Replacement Cover Set
Is your current director's chair cover set showing signs of aging? Is the color not what you want or are you just ready for a change in color? This video will help you with obtaining all of the measurements that you will need in order to decide what size cover set you need to order. Your cover set may turn out to be one of our stock sizes or it may be something you may need to custom order. Whatever the sizing turns out to be, we will make your new set based on the measurements you obtain from watching this video.

How To Install Your Round Stick Cover Set
Have you just received a new round stick cover set and are having a problem installing it into the grooves on the frame? Because of the thickness of the fabric, there is a certain method in order for everything to slide in place. This video will show you exactly how to install the seats into your chair frame so that they will slide right in.

The Different Types Of Material That We Offer
Besides the traditional canvas material, we offer several other options for new director's chair replacement covers. This video will explain the benefits, differences, and best uses for each of the material types that we offer.

Wooden Folding Rocking Chair Assembly Instructions
Are you the proud new owner of our popular Wooden Folding Rocking Chairs ? Were the paper instructions complicated to follow or understand? This video is for you! This video will guide you through all of the parts and pieces that were included with your rocking chair and explain how to assemble everything correctly. After watching this video, you will be relaxing in your new chair in no time.

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