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Guide to Buying Camping Chairs

Camping chairs offer a chance to achieve the level of relaxation that you intended when you began your outdoor adventure. You can take these lightweight, portable chairs anywhere. Of course, camping chairs aren't just for the campsite; they're great for all sorts of outdoor activities and summer fun! Take one wherever you would like to have a comfortable, lightweight folding chair. Perfect for a trip to the lake, hunting, or even on your next hike!

Our Selection of Outdoor Folding Chairs

Everywhere Chair offer several varieties of outdoor folding chairs that are perfect as camping chairs. One of our most popular options is the Quad Chair, or the 'Chair in a Bag'. This collapsible chair will provide comfortable seating at the campsite and beyond! Take this chair to the lake, to the sidelines of your favorite team's game, or any other place you can get to by car, RV, or a short hike. The Quad Chair is pretty durable and strong in general, but we also have a Heavy Duty Quad Chair.

Many of our customers feel that the Backpack Chair provides the ideal combination of portability and comfort. Hike for miles with this chair on your back, then unfold it for a relaxing rest at your destination. The integrated backpack allows you to bring your refreshments, entertainment, or other trail equipment with you.

Our Sports Chair is great for relaxing and/or the Outdoor Metal Directors Chair provides a sturdy place to sit. These strong and durable chairs will last for many years while providing the accommodations you need at sports games, trade shows, or the campsite.

For ultimate portability, choose one of our Light and Soft Camping Seats. These allow you to sit anywhere comfortably, but when not in use fold to a convenient, portable size. Sit anywhere with one of our fast & light Floor Chairs! Choosing this chair for hiking trips will provide the comfort you need while conserving the space you require for other necessities.

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