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Guide to Buying Beach Chairs

When planning to buy folding beach chairs, there are many styles, shapes and colors to choose from. Make a list of the features you want before your search so you can narrow down your results more precisely. You can go for either traditional or modern designs, whichever you think is best for you. Beach Chairs are more useful with attachments such as an Beach Chair with Cup Holders, Beach Umbrellas, Beach Chairs with canopies, Beach Tents and the very popular Beach Chairs with attached Cooler. Some folding beach chairs incorporate beach accessories such as cup-holders, towels, and blankets. The color and fabric options are vast in the market place and Everywhere Chair has all the options and varieties.

The History of Beach Chairs

The origin of the beach chair is surrounded by speculation, however many of the stories are interesting if not amusing. In Germany in the 1870's, there is the story of the elderly woman who was stricken with rheumatism, yet wanted to have a comfortable beach holiday. She employed a local basket maker, Wilhelm Bartelmann from Rostock, to make her a seat for some comfort and protection from the winds. This, somewhat primitive, Beach Chair became known as the Strandkorb, or "hooded beach chair". This 1-seater rather resembled a large box more than a beach chair and had a strong vertical alignment.

The first 2-seater beach chair, constructed a short time afterwards, in 1883 went more into the direction of our current aesthetic expectations regarding a beach chair. Users could stretch out their whole bodies with this new model and in the same year the first beach chairs could be rented. So, with the beginning of the 20th century the beach chair had been well established as a common furniture along the beaches.

Which type of Beach Chair is right for you?

Beach Chairs can be made from many different materials. Wooden Beach Chairs are a popular choice, while aluminum or steel Beach Chairs are durable and light, and a popular alternative are beach chairs made from plastic. Some are available with marine grade canvas or nylon mesh fabrics. Also available are powder coated saltwater resistant finishes and scotch guarded fabrics. Wooden beach chairs never go out of fashion and are hand crafted for long lasting beauty. However, they can be heavier then there aluminum counterparts. Plastic resin or aluminum chairs stand up best to the ocean environment over time. While canvas beach seats often collect water and sand, plastic beach chairs can heat up in sunlight which can become uncomfortable. On the other hand, the canvas seats are comfortable and sturdy, the mesh type seats are like screens and will not collect sand or water and the plastic slats will not absorb water and can easily be cleaned.

What seat height is best for me?

Several varieties of beach chairs heights are available. The vacationer can choose the one that is best for him or her. Beach Chairs that are low to the ground are commonly called "Lowboys". These allow one to stretch out the legs and can feel much like a lounger, even though there is no footrest. Taller table height Highboy beach chairs are better for conversation and easier to get in and out of. Some chairs can be multi position and also come in styles that fully recline, such as the common Beach Lounger. Higher backs on beach chairs offer maximum comfort when lounging in the sun and also have the ability of attaching a neck rest or an optional canopy to keep the UV rays at bay.

Care and Cleaning of Beach Chairs

Most folding beach chairs can be folded and stored away easily. Whether the chair folds flat or collapses inward to be put into a carry case you should always make sure your chair is clean and free of salt or sand when storing for any period of time. All Beach Chairs should also be cleaned before storage. Beach chairs are made for outside use so a gentle spray with clean water should do most of the cleaning. In some cases mild dish soap and a soft bristle brush will get all the salt and sand out of tight spots. If the fabric is a synthetic mesh such as the Phifertex or Vinyl Beach Chairs, you can use a highly diluted solution of bleach and water, which will remove any mildew or mold. Always make sure your chairs are completely dry when storing as mold, mildew and dry-rot could deteriorate the fabric if the chairs are damp for any period of time.

Personalized Beach Chairs and Custom Logos

Everywhere Chair specializes in custom embroidery, silk screening and imprinting of Beach Chairs; we can customize your Beach Chair with your name or logo. A great gift idea is a personalized kids beach chair.

Depending on the beach chair, embroidery may not be available since we cannot get the fabric off of the chair to put it in the embroidery machine. However, our imprinting process works great on these types of beach chairs. We are happy to do the single chair for Grandpa or 100 chairs as company gifts. We have found that many beach clubs or condominiums prefer to display their logo on beach chairs for branding as well as to prevent theft. Please Request a Quote if you are interested in a larger number of chairs.

Customization is a niche that we are proud to fill here at Everywhere Chair. Give us a call today to discuss your latest project!

Top Ten Reasons to Shop Everywhere Chair

1. Large Selection to choose from

  • Over 200 styles to choose from, we have an offering to fit everyone's needs, including yours.

2. We offer a 30 day comfort and quality guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it within 30 days of receipt for a full product refund. There are no restocking fees except in special circumstances.

3. Same-Day Shipping

  • We inventory the majority of our items at our Burnsville, North Carolina warehouse. Orders received before 2pm EST ship same day Monday-Friday.

4. We know and use our products

  • We continually use and test our products so we know you are getting the best chairs on the market and are always looking for new products.

5. Live Customer Service

  • Our customer service representatives are here Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm to help you with ordering or product questions. Weekend hours kick in during summer peak season.

6. Low Prices

  • We are still a family owned and operated business and strive to offer you the lowest prices available on the internet. In addition to low prices you will also receive personalized service.

7. No Sales Tax!!

  • Only North Carolina residents are charged state sales tax because we are located in NC.

8. Low Shipping Everyday

  • We offer FREE ground shipping on many items as well as flat rate shipping on specified items and do not charge handling fees above the actual cost of shipping your items.

9. Large Selection of Chair Accessories

  • Our large selection of chair accessories includes pool floats, blankets, team logo accessories and tables compliment our many chairs.

10. We don't just sell portable chairs we know them

  • There is a big difference between the two. We have been in this business for over 25 years, the last five years online. We are enthusiastic about discovering new and unique products to bring to you at the best possible prices. We really know and love our products!
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