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Our Portfolio of Embroidered Chairs

Welcome to our Embroidered Chair Portfolio!

Read below slideshow for information on the different types of embroidery you will see.

Embroidery is a very elegant form of customizing a chair.  As you may know, it involves sewing the letters or design into the fabric with different colors of embroidery thread.  The embossed and raised look is very nice.  We do this on a machine which uses a computer file to tell it how to sew it.  For text only, we offer many different fonts to choose from and it is very economical.  Also, there are many different thread colors to choose from.  We also offer many different pictures for most any subject that can be added to your chair.  These can be ordered on our site HERE.   For logos, we need to quote your job since every logo is very different and requires varying amounts of time for digitizing and sewing it.  To receive a quote, give us a call or Request A Quote.

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